Friday, February 22, 2008

More New Stuff

It's so exciting to get an idea and watch it evolve on paper or canvas or whatever... I think it's interesting to have an idea in my brain and try to get it on paper. I had a dream the other night that gave me an idea about some flowers to draw. When I finally did the drawing, it didn't really look anything like what I had dreamed about. But I'm perfectly happy with the outcome. So sometimes it's like the end product is just a bunch of happy accidents!

I can't tell you how much fun I'm having with my crafting-I just love it. The problem of course, is that I can easily get sucked into the Etsy addiction and the crafting and totally neglect my other responsibilities. I think if I would treat this more like a part time job with regularly scheduled work hours, then maybe I would be able to maintain more of a balance between this and family things.

I've decided I want to do a series of these abstract flowers and sell them in a variety pack of cards. So the red flower is my newest edition. I'm not sure if I like it or not yet. I want to do a few more things to it and see what I think. I'm also wondering is if I should make them more uniform if I'm going to package them together: should they all be horizontal or portrait, should they all have borders or not have borders, etc. We'll see.

It's ironic that I wouldn't have a Valentine's Day card for my husband, since I like making cards so much. In fact, many, many times, I don't give him handmade cards. I just buy a Hallmark, write something mushy in it and give it to him. This year I bought him a lame card from our favorite discount store (feeling guilty as I tossed it into the cart). I was trying to justify it by telling myself "a lame-O card is better than no card...".

When I got home and started unloading all of my purchases, I couldn't find the card. "Oh Great! I spent money on the lame-O card and it didn't even make it home with me!" I decided God must be trying to bring something to my, "could you maybe put a little bit of effort in a card for your husband. The man you are spending the rest of your life with. The man who fathered and is a wonderful father to your children. The man who, every day, makes sure you get time to yourself, away from the kids - even though he's just gotten home from working all day too? You remember that guy, don't you?" Yeh, ok're right.

I didn't have a lot of time to make something for him. I decided to finish a project I had been working on and give it to hubby as a Valentine's Day card. It's made out of tissue paper, mod podge (I just love that stuff) and markers on matte board. I wrote mushy stuff on the back. Here's what it looks like - minus the mushy stuff, that's private! :

I really like how it turned out. In fact, my hubby asked me if I planned on taking it back and selling it on Etsy. I'm not. But I do plan on making something similar on canvas board. I'll see how it copies, maybe make some cards, maybe just sell the original. I'm not sure yet.

I went to a coffee shop the other day with my friend Jean. While I was there I talked with one of the owners about selling cards at her shop. She was open to the idea. Now, I just have to figure out what items to take there and how to display them. I'm excited about the possibility of having a display in a retail establishment.

I'm working on getting my packaging together too. I have several cards printed and finally made folders for them but haven't decorated the folders yet. It's amazing what a saboteur procrastination is! If I would just get my packaging together and photos taken, I could have 3-4 new things listed on Etsy and a display down at the coffee shop. Not to mention I have an order for a friend I still need to fill.

As I'm writing this, I'm struck by the fact that there are so many people on Etsy whose blogs reflect the same battles: procrastination, self doubt, "if only I would..."s.

I wish the world was filled with more people who knew how valuable they are to God. Who understood when and where to hold themselves accountable for their weaknesses and who know when it is ok to just be kind to themselves.

By allowing myself time to work on art, I'm learning how to be kind to myself. I'm acknowledging my need and desire to create and I'm letting myself do it. I think the desire to create is definately a gift from God. there are so many ways creativity shows itself, not just in visual arts or music.

Oh no, it's getting late and I feel a philisophical rant coming on...since this is a blog and not my own personal journal, I think I'll stop here and go do something else. :)

Thanks for reading.

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Vila said...

I really love your new designs! The colors are so bright and lively - keep up the great work.