Monday, July 7, 2008

Joyful Woman

I haven't really highlighted any shops in my blog yet, so here's one of the first. It's quite appropriate that the first shop I'm featuring is that of the Joyful Woman The Joyful Woman is Sandra Moore, someone I've known my whole life (literally). Our moms shared the same hospital room when we were born. We attended grade school and junior high together, and lived together for a couple of years in college. She was also the maid of honor in my wedding.

Sandy is one of the most creative people I've ever known. She can do everything: paint, sew, draw, sculpt (snow, ice, stone, foam-stuff), bend wire, make jewelry, papercrafts, and probably a bazillion other things I haven't mentioned. She has always, ALWAYS encouraged me in my creative endeavors. In the "olden days" (before Etsy) she was one of the few people I would make things for because I believed no one else would appreciate my creations.

I have many happy memories of our life together, but a couple I want to share with you are related to creativity... sort of. The first one is: when I was 15, I had a huge attic bedroom. I loved that room and spent many hours there, drawing, writing, etc. I decided I wanted to paint my room, so Sandy and I started coming up with ideas of how it should be painted. One day, as we were painting, we were talking about how much we loved Lance Kerwin and Andy Gibb (if you don't know who they are go here for Lance: and here for Andy:

We decided we should invite Lance to dinner and spent a substantial amount of time daydreaming and giggling about how great it would be if he accepted our invitation. One thing we did was paint a heart on my ceiling with really thick paint. Even after we painted over it, I could still see the heart. I never did complete painting that room. 15 years later, when we sold that house, the room was still half painted and the outline of the heart was still visible on the ceiling.

The second memory is from college. Sandy was an art major and I was a communications major. It was Thursday night the week before Spring Break and Sandy had a project due the next day. She had procrastinated in getting it done, so she was kind of desperate for ideas. The assignment was to design symbols for signs in a park. I think this was when symbols were replacing words so no one needed to read to be able to find the bathroom. I just remember being up really late, being slap happy and coming up with some of the silliest ideas. It was so fun just to brainstorm, be silly and creative with my friend Sandy. I miss those kinds of opportunities. Now if I'm up late, it's because I'm supposed to be doing something productive and boring (dishes, laundry, cleaning...). Wouldn't it be so much fun just to stay up late with some creative girl friends, brainstorming about what to make next?

Sandy lives in Portland, Maine now. I guess we haven't lived in the same town since I graduated from college in 1988. She moved to Anchorage, Alaska for 10 years, Topeka, Kansas for a couple of years and to Portland in 2003. Now, she's doing some major butt kickin' (a.k.a "networking") in the Portland Arts Community.

I hope you will check out her shop. She is an amazing artist and I know you won't be disappointed.

Dragonfly Delight EarringsCelebrate the Sun EarringsRich Colored Elegance EarringsSmoky Blue and Silver EarringsCitrus Suncatcher EarringsContemporary Bright Earrings

*earring photos by Sandra J. Moore

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LauraLindseyPhotography said...

What a great story ! And how wonderful to know that youve really known someone "all your life" ! Hope you are doing well and keeping cool during this hot summer !