Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beaux Arts Bizarre

The weekend after Thanksgiving two friends and I participated in an art show called the Beaux Arts Bizarre in Columbia, Missouri. It was held in the Missouri Theatre for the Arts which was recently renovated. It was built in 1928 and was purchased by the Missouri Symphony Society in 1988. Events were held in the theater, but there was no denying the poor old building needed some love! The renovations were finished earlier this year and we were lucky enough to be part of one of the first events to be held in the "new" building. It is truly beautiful. It's awesome to see people who are interested in and dedicated to preserving the past, instead of tearing down what is old and worn out.

There were approximately 45 artists at the Beaux Arts Festival - including a couple of members from the Missouri Etsy-centrics Street Team and some Etsians I hadn't met before. It was good to be able to meet some new people and invite them to join our Team.

Our booth was located at the left side of the stage way in the back, next to the brick wall. The guy next to us was Fergus Moore, a potter. He had a booth he had built out of plywood. It was a really nice display for his work, but the wall that was next to our booth was pretty tall. We were very "tucked away" in the corner - all nice and cozy.

Fergus was a nice guy and sensitive to the fact that we might not want to have the big plywood wall crammed up next to our booth. So he located some nice lavender fabric to cover the wall that faced us and told us we could hang whatever we wanted to on it. I thought that was really honorable of him. The wall turned out to really be a blessing to us. We hung lots of things on it, adopted it as part of our display and it looked great. Thanks you think you could follow us around to all of our craft shows so that we can use your wall?

I think as far as attendance goes, the show was a little disappointing. We had good traffic off and on, but not like we thought we would. Though I'm pretty tired of thinking, hearing and talking about our economy, it's quite possible that is what influenced the number of people at our booth. I didn't make much money, but my partners did pretty well and I had lots of fun. It was great to meet people and to get some feedback about my work. We plan on doing it again next year.

If you get a chance, check out my friends' shops: Jolene at LocoMOmomma and Beth at Heartgrooves . Separately we all have Etsy shops but together we go by the name "3 Moms Creative Outlet". Jolene sells crocheted baby things, felted purses and fleece kidswear. Beth sells altered letters, journals, cards, tags and other papercrafts. Our things compliment each other and fit well together in a display. I'm thankful for Jolene and Beth. It's a way we can cut down on art fair costs and provide needed feedback and support to each other.

We also had a "guest Mom" whose name was Amy. Her Etsy shop is: Truetauruslove. Amy makes knitted hats and gloves, felted bowls and felted unique animals. It was nice to have her with us.

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