Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Software

There was a time that I was pretty "up" on what was happening in the computer world. However, those days are over. The fact that I haven't worked for a computer company in over 15 years and I haven't worked outside my home for 6+ years, has put me a little behind the times. It's frustrating. I want to learn all the new stuff, but gee whiz, who has that kind of time? By the time I figure something out, "they" have already come up with something to replace my newly acquired skills.

I'm mentioning this because I have some new publishing software I got for Christmas. I bought it so that I could set up my own cards instead of having the printer do it. In theory, this will save me money, a lot of frustration and help me be in more control over what I'm having printed. It's just hard to find the time to get this figured out. I was able to set up some cards last night. Tomorrow I'll take them to the printer to see how they turn out. I'm crossing my fingers.

Tonight, I scanned one of my most recent drawings. Scanning is another thing I'm just figuring out. Nothing like computers to help a person feel dumber than a box of rocks!

Here it is:
This is colored pencil and ink on bristol paper. The original idea was drawn in my sketch book, then I copied it (freehand) and colored it. I'm not sure it will look good on a card, but will probably be good as a print.

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glassidentities said...

so beautiful :) I totally agree about the computers.. I get so excited about learning something and then learn everyone else ( my kids ) have been doing it forever.. I am always feeling a little behind. Oh well.. I am still having fun