Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Once Was Lost...When Will It Be Found?

As much as I love my craft cave (and I do love my craft cave), I'm still having a hard time getting organized. I've got things here, there, everywhere and it takes more time to find something than it does to do the thing I'm working on. It's very frustrating.

Tonight, like too many nights, I'm trying to find something. It's not something that is really that important, I don't really need it right now - it would just be nice to have. If I had it, it might make things a little easier, maybe help me plan ahead. I've been "tripping" over it for weeks now, as I search for other things, but now that I want it it's nowhere to be found.

I've looked in all the logical places. On my two desks, in every bookshelf, on the computer desk, the office supply cabinet...I've even looked in places that aren't so logical: under the futon, in the guest's nowhere. What do you think I do? I start all over again with the two desks, the bookshelves, the computer desk and the office supply cabinet. And I do it again...and again....

I've wasted a lot of precious time looking for something that I don't need now and I'm starting to drive myself a little crazy. I have a stubborn streak, so now it's not so much that I need this thing, it's that I should be able to find it. There's a point to be made here. I know it's here, why isn't it where it should be? It's like I'm trying to prove something- I'll get you, you stupid little thing, I'm going to find you if it's the last thing I do! (insert maniacal laughter) My heart is racing, I'm sure my blood pressure is elevated and that stinkin' voice in my head is just yappin' it up, chiseling away at my self confidence: you're never going to find it in this mess; you really need to clean this place up; you know that you are wasting time looking for this, why don't you just give it up.


I've heard it said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. I would totally agree with this statement. The problem is, sometimes when I'm looking in the same place for the fifth or sixth time, I do find what I was looking for. It's like I'm being rewarded for being insane, so I keep doing the same thing, expecting a different result and getting it!

Now, one of two things is going to happen. I will either give up and work on more important things and hope the thing will turn up. Which it probably will when I'm looking for some other lost item. Or I will go buy a new thing, come home and the thing I was looking for in the first place will be sitting in plain sight. Then I will have more of the thing than I could possibly use.

I have big dreams of being so organized that I can sit down to do a project and not once have to get up to search for something. Every supply will be at arms length, I won't have to stand up, or dig under papers, or look through piles of "treasures" to find what I need. It will all be right there, in front of me. I guess I'll just have to accept that until I change what I'm doing - and clean my craft area - I will be spending lots of time running like a hamster in a exercise wheel, looking for things that aren't really that important to begin with. It seems like I should find a better way to use my time!

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Beth said...

Did you look in the fridge? ;)