Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I've been busily trying to get some things done for the craft fairs I'm participating in this spring. Can you believe it? Me in more than one craft fair! Pretty wild. I've decided that I want to do some things other than illustrations, so I've been painting boxes, candlesticks and other wooden objects.

It has been fun, but I worry that I either won't have enough variety and quantity or that I will have too much quantity. If I have lots left over, then it goes into the craft cave, where I'll have to look at it every time I go to work in there - a reminder that nobody bought my stuff.

I think I'll keep this post short. I'm sensing a bunch of negative "vibes" coming out of my finger tips and I really don't want to see it in black and white. Most of all, I don't want it floating away in cyber space to come back and bite me in the rear some day! See?! Negative and paranoid! And it's sunny out, so why am I not more positive?

Oh, I did want to write one funny thing. Last Sunday I called my friend Sandy. I haven't talked to her in a very long time and I just wanted to check in. We've been friends for an eternity and before I was married with children, our average phone call was about 3 hours. That doesn't happen anymore.

Anyway, I was downstairs on the phone and the rest of my family was upstairs. My 6-year-old son had heard me laughing several times while I was on the phone (not an unusual occurrence when I talk to Sandy). Here's the conversation that happened between son and hubby:

son: what is mom laughing about?

hubby: oh, she's talking to Sandy.

son: why is she laughing?

hubby: I don't know.

son: they must be telling knock-knock jokes! :)

I'm also posting my latest painting that I submitted to last week's Thursday Sweet Treat. The topic was The Joy of Dance. The title of my painting is Joyful Dance and is done in watercolor pencil, colored pencil, ink on watercolor paper.


glassidentities said...

so bright and pretty.. I love it :):) Your son is too cute.. knock knock jokes are the best!

esque said...

Lol, knock knock jokes! Those are the best! Lovely drawing: so lively and colorful!


becky n said...

Love the knockknock story - my four year old grandson just started telling them - but he doesn't quite get how to do it yet. Cracks me up!

I had seen your painting on sweettreats - loved the movement.
I'm at geminiriverrocks - like your shop, too.