Saturday, May 2, 2009

Confessions of a PLB

It has been almost two weeks since my last post. Gee whiz, it sure doesn't take long for a blog to become neglected. Thankfully I take better care of my kids than I do my blog (and that might be one of the reasons my blog is neglected)! :)

I didn't win the Blockhead Radio Artisan Challenge, but it was fun to be included. No doubt I will submit something again. I love to be included in things like the artisan challenge and the Thursday Sweet Treat. I hope to do more of those things in the future. Thanks to those who visited the site and thanks to those who cast their vote for me!

I was thinking tonight that I have entered into a place of pettiness that I don't like. It's one of those things I don't want others to know about me and it's something I don't want to admit to myself.You might know the kind of thing I'm talking about. When things aren't going your way or the way you think they should be going, so you start being critical of others, just to make yourself feel better. I don't know, maybe it's just me....

I'm feeling discouraged about the sales in my Etsy shop. I'm trying not to dwell on it, because I know there are still so many more things I could be doing, (that I'm not), to help get some shop recognition. Also, I hate it when people whine about not having any sales, it makes me not want to buy from them at all. I don't want to be the whiner.

When I'm feeling whiney about the lack of shop sales, I'm highly critical and judgmental of those who are making sales. When I see people on the front page who have sold millions, making things that don't apeal to me, I start making those noises of disgust...similar to a cat coughing up a hairball. And I begin thinking like a 5-year-old: "no fair! she got 100 sales and I haven't gotten any!" "My arts bigger than your art!" "My art could whip your arts butt in a New York minute!" "Yeah, I could have more sales too if my daddy all my work"!

Yuck, Yuck, Yucky! I don't want to be this petty person.

I am sincerely happy for people who are successful at selling their wares. I admire those who are good at marketing, who are business saavy and who have good customer service skills. I want to know them and learn from them. I also want to be supportive of others who have a passion for creating things. I certainly have gotten so much support from my friends and the online community. I wouldn't still be making things if I hadn't been encouraged by people on Etsy.

Does someone else's success take away from me in any way?

Do I have to be critical of others to cover up my own insecurities? No!

I guess I just needed to get this off my chest. Even though I probably didn't say anything that made much sense to anyone else, it helped me to write about it. Maybe now I can be more productive and do the things I need to do like: promote some items in my shop, work on some marketing possibilities and most importantly be an encouragement to others who might need it.

Thanks for listening.


Felicia Kramer said...

Hi Laura - Don't feel bad - I'm sure all of us at etsy that aren't selling 10 or 20 pieces a day (HA!) feel the same way. The part I find most frustrating is that if I let a day or two go by where I don't post something new or post in a forum or otherwise do something to get my shop out there, my views drop like cement shoes on a mob guy (glub-glub!) Hang in there!

missknits said...

oh i hear ya! it is hard! and for me promoting is the hardest part! i just want to create! i had feeling like i am "pushing" my shop or my items on anyone! but i guess its all part of the deal huh! love your shop by the way! and great blog!

Samantha said...

I can relate to the feelings of discouragement. After being self employed for over 2 years, I will be looking for outside work tomorrow. We want to move within the year and need to be able to save up some money. It's disheartening though.

glassidentities said...

Been there... felt like that... not liked myself for it much either.. but I just keep being pushy and trying new things and we will see what happens.. I was so suprised and happy when my first item sold and I still am everytime something sells.. I get afraid if too many things sell it would not be any fun anymore.. I wonder if the people selling "millions" of things or even "20 a day" enjoy what they are doing, do they get that thrill everytime something sells? I dont want to trade the thrill for anything, personally, and I wonder if you can have both.. where the line is.

**Robin** said...

Hi Laura...Thanks so much..Long time no see...I have been in non blogging mode lately..Hope all is well..!! Robin