Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Obsession

Ok, I know I'm no different than any other creative type. I love making things. I find out about some new technique or art form I want to try, become obsessed, buy supplies, check out books from the library, and make big plans to become a full time artist doing this new thing. Then along comes something else that catches my eye and I'm on to something even newer.

My latest "newest thing" is block printing. Although it's really an ancient art form, it's kind of new to me. I have loved rubber stamping for a long time and I've dabbled in carving my own stamps from erasers. But I think I may become addicted to lino block printing. I have a feeling it will be one of the art forms that stays with me for a long time. It's very satisfying to carve out an original design on a linoleum block, ink it up and press it on paper.

This is one I did this past week:

The tree on the right is fully inked from the first pressing. The one on the left is from a second pressing without adding any new ink. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I think eventually, I'm going to post a tutorial on how to carve your own lino block.

Thanks for stopping by.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Oh, that is so beautiful! I love the tree!

I understand what you mean when you get excited about new techniques :-) I wouldn't have said it better! :-)