Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Don't Think He Believes Me

I'm not depressed or anything, but tonight as I was sitting in my craft space, I felt that feeling "I have no other ideas left. The idea pool is all dried up and I don't have the energy to do anything about it".

My husband was in working on the computer when I announced: "Well honey, I'm out of ideas. I'm just going to sell all my craft stuff now. Just combine it all and sell it in one big lot on ebay." His response? "Mmmm hmmm".

"We can now use the extra space in the craft room as storage, won't have to worry about needing room for my art supplies"

"Mmmm hmmm"

"You know, this will really free up some time for me. I won't be spending all these late nights doing art. I can go to bed at 10:00 now."

"Mmmm hmmm"

"The kids will ask me if I have tape, glue, scissors and I'll just tell them 'the only thing we have like that is in your craft closet'"

"Mmmm hmmm"

"I'll really be saving money since I won't have to buy any craft supplies. I won't feel obligated to go to Michael's to spend money when they have their 50% off coupon".

"Mmmm hmmm"

It's a good thing I'm a procrastinator. If I weren't, I'd be packing it all up right now and listing it on ebay (I've got lots of great supplies). I guess I'll just have to sleep on it. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some genius idea that I'll need my paints and brushes for. I sure hope so!


Beth said...

Just think of all the NEW craft stuff you could buy with all the money you make!! ;)

glassidentities said...

I agree with Beth... lol i can just see it now... sell all your stuff and turn around and spend it all on new stuff :) Maybe if you just take a break from making things you will find lots of stuff that will inspire some new ideas :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm hmmmmmm! I don't believe you either. hehe! I was just thinking yesterday that if I had money, I'd commission you to paint some kind of cool ABC set for kids. Wooden letters with magnets on the back or something. I don't know, but I seriously thought that yesterday! Sooooo...there's an idea for you, now stop packing!!! =)
Kerri H.

Natasha said...

Mmmmmm hmmmmmm! LOL!! I have TOTALLY had moments like this!!! I'm done, there's nothing more left, I'll pack it in and then's back. The world needs your art...plain and simple ...and you need to have that thing that nags at you to bring yourself to the it will be back..right now, the Universe is saying, "You've been working so hard, get out there and explore, experience life, drench yourself in it and then when it seeps deep into your soul, share and create!"

Hugs to you from an adoring fan :)