Sunday, January 24, 2010

Follow Up to the Spam Post

Thanks for the comments I received on my last post. It's nice to get some feedback and to know I'm not alone! One thing I need to clarify is that I was joking about comments. I know how to comment, I just am not very good about doing it. I tend to think of a response to the comment, but never type it out. It's as if I think the commenter will just know by telepathy that I've responded! I'm a goofball that way. Sometimes I think I'll answer comments later, but then forget about it because my short term memory is fried!

I do have a question for the listening audience, though. When you respond to comments left on your blog, do you respond on your blog or do you find the commenter's blog and leave your response there. Or do you do both? What is the proper etiquette there? If I respond here, that assumes that the person commenting will be checking back to see if I responded. I check back, but that's because I tend to be desperate for attention and not everyone else is as desperate.

Felicia (one of the two people who left comments last time) wanted to know how to block a follower on Blogger. It's pretty easy, here's how you do it:

From your dashboard, click on the followers link on the upper right side of the screen. A list of your followers will pop up. Click on the person you want to end your following relationship with and you will get an option for "Block this user". Then I think you get a prompt asking if you're sure you want to delete the follower. Then "poof" they're gone! If only we could do that with people who annoy us in the real world. "Click" you can no longer follow me or make comments about my life (or try to manipulate me into doing things I don't want to do).


Felicia Kramer said...

Me again. Thanks for the information. I'll have to try it.

And I comment back in my own blog. Not everyone who comments even has a blog. Also, if someone expects or is hoping for an answer, they can always check the box to have followup comments emailed to them.

glassidentities said...


I sometimes comment back in the comments.. on my post..and sometimes I go to their blog and respond.. and sometimes I email them or send them a note on twitter.. I think it depends on the post and the comment and who it is and our relationship. I am trying to get better about responding in some way.. commenting back in the comments can be fun... I have seen some good conversations.. even better than the post.. but you have to be on the ball for that.. not me.. but I am trying :)

Diana said...


As for following a blog and commenting: I usually comment to leave a message. Something like, 'I really like this', or 'That's a great idea'. I don't usually check back for input from the blogger. If I leave a question like 'How do you do this?' then I would check back for a response. Responses to other readers/followers also let me know if a blogger really wants comments (some don't, surprisingly enough!). Your things are fantastic and I may have nudged a few people your way...but no one with a shirtless avatar! ;)