Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Uninspired - Sort Of

I think it's amazing that when I'm faced with a deadline, my brain (and heart) can not come up with anything to create. I signed up to be in a really cool artist's market on January 22nd (that's a mere 11 days away) and every time I sit down to make something for it, nothing happens. I just stare at all the junk in my craft cave, look at the walls, shuffle papers around, then decide to get a snack. That's it.

I know that about January 20th, I'll start freaking out because of all the things I need to do to get ready, and I'll have a bunch of ideas I want to work on, but I won't have time. It's just the way it goes. I had the same problem in college. I would wait until the night before the due date to start some major paper, I'd stay up all night smoking cigarettes and drinking tea (I'm a non-smoker now, but still occasionally drink tea). I'd write out my paper in long hand, then type it on a borrowed electric typewriter (this was before everyone had personal computers). I almost always managed to get the assignment in on time and get a good grade. It was ridiculous and I'd hoped to out grow it some day. Guess I'm still working on it!

I have managed to start a large drawing for someone I love. I can't reveal who it's for because it's a surprise and I don't want to it for the person if that person happens to read my blog. It's colored pencil with ink outlines. I'm not finished, I still have to add some details, but this is what it looks like now:

So far I'm pleased with it (except for the fact that when I posted it here, I can't get it to post horizontally-which is how it's supposed to be...goofy thing)! The drawing is 17" x 14".

Thanks for stopping by!


glassidentities said...

My life seems to be like that sometimes too.... sit and stare and nothing comes out but as soon as I am busy and can not work on anything.. I have a million ideas .. argh... Love the colors in your work... this big piece is beautiful :) I am sure whoever is getting it will be very happy. Hugs :)

Robin said...

Wow thats looking great..what a lot of work youve put in already..somebody's gonna be lucky..!

Laura Pugh said...

Hi Robin and Michelle,

Thanks for stopping by to check out the drawing and for your nice comments. I hope to finish this soon and get it to it's new home. :)

Tehzeeb said...

Your work is really beautiful, and someone is quite lucky.

I am a little curious to know, whatz your painting is saying?