Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Yesterday I had to have our cat put to sleep and it was very sad. He was definitely my husband's cat but he also had a place in his heart for me and the kids. He was so handsome and the best cat I've ever had (and there have been many cats in my life). He was 13 - a very old man who had lived a good life. I will miss him.

This is a picture of Davis and my daughter when she was a baby. She really loved Davis too (which she showed in annoying sorts of ways like laying on him and carrying him around like a rag doll). From the time my daughter was a baby, Davis preferred to show his affection for her while she was sleeping! :)


Robin said...

Ohh ...I am sorry for that...very sad...!Take care...!!!

Laura Pugh said...

Thanks Robin. I sure miss his furry little face, but I feel so blessed that we had him for so long. I'm still in that phase where I sometimes forget he's gone, so I find that I'm subconsciously looking for him or expecting to see him curled up on a bed somewhere. That takes a while to get over.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Davis! I'm sure you'll miss the way he meowed each and every time you said his name. =) Kerri