Friday, February 5, 2010

Dear McDonald's

Dear McDonalds,

I'm breaking up with you. I'm sure this comes as quite a shock, but I can no longer ignore the reality of our situation. I've known for years that you are no good for me and that you only want me for my money. But this morning was the last straw.

I tried to explain to you that there was something not quite right with my order - you were trying to charge me more for something I get often.  I was calm, polite and just wanted to be heard. Yet, you wouldn't listen. You kept interrupting and essentially told me I was not telling the truth.

I'm deeply hurt, but know I must move on. My kids will be awfully disappointed-they love you so much. My husband will be quite relieved, but I know it will take months before he believes my relationship with you is over. Don't try to contact me, I have caller i.d. and will not answer your calls.




Robin said...

You mean were not the only ones who have an abusive relationship with Mc D...I feel relieved is this for good or what..?

Beth said...

Wha?!?!?!? I thought you would always be together! ;)

Oh well, it's for the best I suppose.

Joy White said...

Give it time, soon you won't even look when you drive by the big M. Just beware, there are others lurking around the corner. They will say they "just want to be friends", but that's how it always starts. :)

Robin said...

Hey There, come get your award....!!