Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Google Analytics Looks Like a Treacherous Mountain Range

 I am not a woman who understands many things involving numbers. I've never been a numbers person and most of the time I don't really care (although I firmly believe that if a person is mathematically and scientifically  inclined, he/she can do anything he/she wants to do. I'm a little envious of the math/science crowd, but perhaps that's a topic for another post). When Google Analytics came out, all the people "in the know" encouraged everyone to use it to help determine the activity on blogs, Etsy and Artfire. I added it to my Etsy and to this blog because I wanted to know how much traffic I was getting.

At first, it was interesting. But now....well, let's just say the honeymoon is over. There are so many peaks and valleys in my views that I feel like I'm on some emotional rollercoaster. One day I'll have 10 views, the next day there is one or none. My peaks make no sense to me. Why do I have so many views on a certain day, when I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything. Yet on days when I've made some effort to get noticed, there's nothing but the flat line (like that of a heart that has stopped beating)!

For a brief time in January, my blog never hit the one to zero mark. In fact the views stayed up for quite a few days, but that must have been a fluke. Or maybe I'm not as interesting in February as I was in January. Anyway, I know there are lots of resources for figuring out what all the graphs and numbers mean. I guess I need to take some more time to do some reading and try to make sense of it all. I think it could help me set and meet some goals for my Etsy shop.

What has been your experience with the Google Analytics tools?

Just a random thought: don't you think it's ironic that in order to look up the spelling of a word in the dictionary, you have to know how the word is spelled?


tattytiara said...

Non-existent. I keep thinking it's a tool, people find it useful, I need to learn it! But then I realize that I know myself, and I'll read too much into too little and think perhaps that my ignorance just might be bliss.

Robin said...

I am usually good with stuff like that , but Im with you on this..?????..I dont know what to do with many people can tell whos visited and not commented..I want to know that..well how do you know..? maybe together we can find out little bits and pieces and tell each other..Im game..!

Kevin Ian said...

Hi Laura!

Google analytics can make anyone crazy after a little while. There is a lot of valuable information there but it can be a bit of an overload.

Things I would certainly look are are your Keyword traffic. Found by clicking "Traffic Sources > Keywords" which will tell you what keywords have been sending traffic, and several useful metrics for each one. This may help you identify products that are titled well or market areas you might want to increase your presence in.

GA is a pretty robust analytics package, getting to know it well is definitely worth while.

Kevin Ian
Director of Social Media

Laura Pugh said...

Thanks for your comments! Hey Robin, I'd be up for trading info and Tattytiara, I agree that ignorance can be bliss.

Thanks Kevin, for stopping by to provide some insight. I appreciate your taking the time and I will definitely look into the keywords.

Felicia Kramer said...

GA is like a drug for me for both my Etsy and my blog. I can't stop myself from checking it every day and I have actually found myself yelling at it! When it's in the valley: WHERE THE **** IS EVERYBODY?? When it's a mountain, and I can see that lots of people looked at a particular piece on Etsy: WHY DIDN'T SOMEBODY BUY IT??
or on my blog: WHY DIDN'T THEY COMMENT??

It creates a lot of pressure because the mountains almost always correlate directly to my new posts or products. Nothing new, then it's a valley.

I think I have to go to rehab ....