Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Items Posted

Now that I'm such a photo-whiz (sarcasm here), I've posted 3 more tag sets and re-photographed and re-listed an ACEO in my Etsy shop today. I officially have 35 things to sell in my shop. Wow! That's pretty good for me. I think if I ever had enough items for sale that I was up to a 3 page shop, I'd be delirious with joy!

Here's what's new today:


Well, I'm getting kicked off the computer so the kids can play computer games before they go to bed. Thanks for stopping by.


Marthann's Musings said...

I just read your post about the light box. Okay I am new at this and not very bright. What does the light box have to do with taking pictures. I love your work. I too live in Missouri. Where do you live?

Holly Renee said...

I am jealous of your etsy shop! I want to set one up in the future. What a cool blog you have here!

Laura Pugh said...

Hi Marthann - a light box is a little box you can build to help with your product photos. I built mine from cardboard, cut square openings in 5 sides (left the bottom intact)and covered the inside with white wrapping paper. I covered 4 sides with white cotton (sheer) fabric.

The front part of the box is open. You put your products in the box, set lights up to shine through the fabric and take photos. It's amazing how much it improves your photographs.

Thanks for the kind words about my work, I love doing it!

Holly - Thank you for commenting on my blog. I love getting feedback and sometimes feel like I'm the only one reading it.

I checked out your blog, it's very nice. I love the header with the paper collage - very cool! I have no doubt that you will some day have a wonderful Etsy shop.

Thank you both for taking time to read my blog!