Saturday, May 29, 2010

Time to Make a Plan

I think maybe I need to start over.

From the beginning.

From scratch.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I never thought I'd be able to do and sell art. It was something I thought about but always dismissed as being unrealistic. So, when I actually did sell cards and paintings that I had done myself, it was really, really fun. It's still fun to sell things. The problem is that I don't sell much and I want to sell more. But how can I possibly sell more when I wander around aimlessly and have small bursts of productivity, then longer periods of inactivity? It just isn't going to happen unless I am more consistent.

So I'm starting to think about starting my "business" over. I never did get my business license or keep accurate track of inventory, what I make, what I spend or how many hours I work. The logistics aren't really my strength, but that doesn't mean I can't learn does it? I think I can learn.

I'm planning to research small business related websites and blogs, and use that information to come up with my business plan. Maybe I should even use this blog to hold myself accountable for setting some goals. You followers of my blog are a pretty good bunch of people. You don't give me a hard time when I repeat myself (which I'm sure I do a lot. My short term memory is lacking...), you don't harass me about typos, grammatical errors or anything else. I imagine it would probably be safe enough to slap up a few goals on this page and let you read them. We could celebrate together when I reach a goal and you can tell me I'm a whiner when I make excuses for not reaching other goals. Or you could remain silent, which might guilt me into action (I'm someone who is definitely motivated by guilt).

I'm going to leave my Etsy shop open, just in case someone stumbles upon it and likes what they see. In the mean time, I will (here's the goal list)

  • work on better photos of products already listed
  • list at least 5 tag sets that I already have put together
  • finish two birdhouses that need to be painted and list them on etsy
  • work on having more consistent shipping prices for items already listed.
I know it's a short list, but it will help improve the shop I have and maybe help me be more motivated. I have to start with a short list too, so I won't look at it, become exhausted by the mere thought of taking any action, and wind up taking a nap instead!

Thanks for stopping by. I'll let you know how things go.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Misc. Ramblings

I don't know about you, but we have been experiencing quite a bit of rain in our area. It's not that I mind rain all that much, but the dreary days get to me (more so now, than when I was a youngin'). I also worry that we will completely miss out on spring and go right to the hot, humid summer that Missouri is known for. I don't really enjoy sweating as soon as I get out of be in the morning and not being able to breathe very well because the air is so thick with humidity.

But tonight, as I sit on my bed typing, I can hear the rain falling on the roof and I'm really enjoying it. It's so quiet and soothing. It's nicer to have the rain at night when you don't have to go out and you can curl up in bed and go to sleep.

I'm still learning about my laptop, but I haven't done much with it yet. I haven't even downloaded any photos on it or anything. I have spent far too much time searching the internet, but I did that with the desktop too. There are just so many interesting things to find out in cyber space.

I haven't done much art the past couple of days. I feel like doing art, but end up watching movies instead. This evening, I got to do some leaf rubbings with my son and daughter. It was one of my son's assignments for cub scouts. I think I had more fun doing it than they did. I loved it - it seems magical to me that you can put a piece of paper over some part of nature, run a crayon over it several times and discover the most detailed designs. The shape of the leaves, the details of the veins, along with the different colors used, are just beautiful.

One thing I'm so grateful for and in awe of is that when God created us, he didn't just put us down here in endless blank space. He put us here, surrounded by beauty, colors, and the most intricate detail. He wanted us to be entertained and curious and amazed. I love seeing the details of his creation and contemplating the vastness of what surrounds us in the heavens. Even if you were alive for a million years, you would never be able to discover all there is to discover on this planet or in this universe. Isn't that wonderful?

Humans are that way too...created with such detail and precision. We are each different, we have our own unique DNA, fingerprints, personalities, abilities. At the same time we are the same in that we all are born, we all will die, we all need love and acceptance and we all need God. I also happen to believe we all need a creative outlet, but let's just say I'm a little biased in that direction.

I'm not sure why I'm rambling on this particular subject tonight, but I appreciate your listening. I hope you had a good day.

I hope to have some photos to post very soon, so you won't just have to look at text all the time.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I envy people who are disciplined, but I guess not enough to work as hard as they do to be disciplined. I would like to be someone who could figure out how to write blog posts regularly, update my Etsy shop, and market my goods, without having my family feel neglected and without the laundry piling up to the ceiling. Maybe someday...

One of my birthday gifts was the purchase of a new laptop. I'm pretty excited because, even though I will be expected to share it with my man from time to time, I get to be the primary user. I hope to use it to keep my shop and blog updated more regularly. I'll be able to take it places and to use it even when someone else is checking email on the other computer. Isn't technology amazing?!

I'm starting to feel ready to do some more art too. My craft space was a hideous mess for awhile and I didn't even want to go in there. I did some sorting, organizing and even donated some card stock scraps to a local kids art shop. Since my desk is cleaned off, I believe I can start thinking of things to mess it up again.  I'll be sure to post things as they get created.

Wanna hear something funny? My latest thing has been to work with shrinking plastic (Shrinky Dinks). It sounds silly, but you can do some cool stuff with it. I'll write more about that at another time.

My Birthday & the 100th Post

There is no doubt that I have been ridiculously neglectful of my blog and anyone who might be interested in reading it. I apologize and hope you won't cross me off your "follow" lists. Like everyone else in the world, I've been kind of busy at times and lazy at others.  In addition, this is my 100th post and I was feeling some pressure to write something witty and profound. Once I decided that probably wasn't going to happen, I felt more freedom to just start typing.

Today is my 47th birthday. It was a nice day, my family took good care of me. I got some nice facebook and phone messages and I even got a birthday wish from the kind people at hotmail. I have always been a spoiled birthday princess, but as I get older, I don't really feel the need to have much of a hoopla made of my getting older.  I mean, the crow's feet and gray hairs are big enough indicators-I don't need to shout it from the mountain tops.

I'm not thoroughly depressed about my age, it just takes me more time to adjust to the number than it used to. Honestly, I'd only go back to my 20's if I could keep all the knowledge I've gained the past two and a half decades. Wouldn't that be so cool? To be 20, to feel 20 but to have 27 more years of wisdom and experience. It's not hard to imagine which people I would not waste precious time with and what things I would be kinder to myself about. I'm quite fortunate and have been blessed with a wonderful life. I hope that I'll get at least another 40-ish years to hang out and see my kids grow up to become parents.

I've decided that New Year's resolutions should really be saved for one's birthday instead of the beginning of a new year. Aren't we really more reflective as we age? My greatest wish, hope, dream and goal is that I will become more healthy. I don't mention it much (if ever) here, but I'm really out of shape and extremely overweight. I'm tired of being this way and I won't be here for another 40 years if I don't change my evil ways. I understand there are no guarantees, but I should at least try, don't you think? Probably it will be best to start as soon as that icecream/birthday cake is gone. :)