Saturday, May 15, 2010


I envy people who are disciplined, but I guess not enough to work as hard as they do to be disciplined. I would like to be someone who could figure out how to write blog posts regularly, update my Etsy shop, and market my goods, without having my family feel neglected and without the laundry piling up to the ceiling. Maybe someday...

One of my birthday gifts was the purchase of a new laptop. I'm pretty excited because, even though I will be expected to share it with my man from time to time, I get to be the primary user. I hope to use it to keep my shop and blog updated more regularly. I'll be able to take it places and to use it even when someone else is checking email on the other computer. Isn't technology amazing?!

I'm starting to feel ready to do some more art too. My craft space was a hideous mess for awhile and I didn't even want to go in there. I did some sorting, organizing and even donated some card stock scraps to a local kids art shop. Since my desk is cleaned off, I believe I can start thinking of things to mess it up again.  I'll be sure to post things as they get created.

Wanna hear something funny? My latest thing has been to work with shrinking plastic (Shrinky Dinks). It sounds silly, but you can do some cool stuff with it. I'll write more about that at another time.


smArtee said...

I always use all the spare moment in time such as waiting rooms, and idle time to write little notes to self or create a little art piece..i take a little bag with me of supplies and it goes everywhere..instead of reading mags or something I do my creative you can too and with the wont believe how much extra time you will find..

Joy White said...

Your post made me smile. I too struggle with discipline. Right this minute I should be doing the laundry.

When I was a kid, about 35 years ago, I made Shrinky Dinks by the dozen. My mom worked in a bakery and would be home lots of plastic lids for us to use. It was big fun!!!

Laura Pugh said...

Robin, it's a great idea to take a bag of supplies with you, so you'll always have it when the opportunity presents itself to create. Sometimes I have my sketch book with me, but that's usually when I know ahead, that there will be some spare time.

Joy, thanks for commenting. I'm wondering how many art "goodies" we've forgotten or overlooked from our childhood? Maybe we should re-explore some of those things. I've made several little shrinky dink drawings, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet.