Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Using Child's Coping Mechanism

Do you remember when you were little and you didn't want someone to see you, so you closed your eyes? Because if you closed your eyes, you couldn't see anyone, and if you couldn't see them, then surely they wouldn't be able to see you. Or if you didn't want something to exist, you pretended it didn't exist so it would go away?

That is often how I "resolve" conflict. I think I'm doing it now, with regards to finding a job. My kids are in summer school for 5 weeks, then they have 4 weeks out of school and in the Fall they will return. Now is the time for me to find some way to earn money.  I'm not really looking forward to the job search. I haven't worked away from home since I became a mom, (with the exception of a brief stint at a retail store). I didn't like job hunting before I left the market and I'm certainly not looking forward to it after being away for almost 8 years!  And did I mention I'm 3 years away from the big 5-0? Yeh, my prospects sound a little bleak. So I'm pretending I don't really need to find a job and that someone will see my Etsy shop and just want to commission something from me for $1 million (or $10 million). I'll let you know how it works out, K?


Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

Oh, I would hate to be job hunting right now because first of all, I think we are the same age ;) Second, I haven't worked an outside job in 18 years except for the two short holiday helper times at Hobby Lobby. I too am thinking that someone will surely come by and want to purchase my crafts or commission me to make a multitude of scrapbooks. I hope you find someone to buy your art because I am sure that would be so much more rewarding for you :)

Megan Marie said...

Eek, job hunts. The working world sends me into a fit of anxiety. Best of luck in this endeavor. You can do hard things. :)