Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, Look Who Decided to Check in!

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth, though I can understand why you might think I had. It's Fall, which seems to be so incredibly busy. I know all of you are experiencing the same thing. Too busy to keep up on laundry, dishes, housework, homework, blogging, art-ing, etc.

This month I have some of my art hanging in a gallery at the Unity Center. I have known for months that I was going to be doing this, but seemed to be cramming in a lot of work the two weeks before the opening reception. It's disappointing to know I could've had more pieces and more new pieces-if only I'd worked longer and harder at it, but it turned out fine. I like seeing my things hanging on the wall in a big room. That probably seems a little egotistic or self-indulgent, but I just don't get to experience it very often. A piece of art work framed and hanging on the wall, looks so beautiful and professional. It seems more real and possible that I'm an artist when something I made is being used to decorate someone else's space.

In addition to the gallery showing, I also did an art fair this weekend. It is the first fair I've done in a year and I found myself with the same regrets I usually have when participating in an event. Right after I sign up, I have great big plans to stock up on new, interesting and irresistible works that people will want to buy. The reality is there is not enough time and space on this Earth to accomplish the things I want to accomplish before an art show. Some day I hope to be a little more balanced and realistic about what can be done before I set up a display.

Anyway, it was fun, I met some nice people, got so spend time with my friends Jolene and Beth (my booth buddies) and be surrounded by art. I'll be doing another market in December at the same place - The Catacombs Artist Market at Artlandish Gallery in Columbia, Missouri. Maybe you can stop buy?


The chickens are doing well. The babies are no longer babies and are almost as big as their mama. I still don't know for sure if they are hens or roosters. I want to believe that all four of them are hens, but don't know what the odds of that are. I mean, it would be great, but is it really possible? Since we technically live in the city and have neighbors (who are quite understanding and patient, by the way), we would have to find a new home for any of our birds that turned out to be roosters. No one wants to be awaken at the crack of dawn by some obnoxious bird, right?

The biggest chicken news we have this week is that Velma (the mama) has started laying again! It's very exciting. I knew something was up on Friday, when I went outside and there were only 4 birds running around. Velma was nowhere to be found. I was afraid some wild animal had gotten her or that she was sick. I found her in the coop, in a nesting box. I thought for sure she was dying (see what a chicken expert I am)?. Later, I checked the coop again and Velma was gone. I reached into her nesting box and found the most beautiful, green, perfectly formed egg. It was awesome! I found another one again today and took photos for you all to see.

When I look at these eggs, I find that I don't want to eat them, because I know how precious they are. I know how long we had to wait for Velma to lay these eggs and how long it will take for her to lay another (24 hours). Somehow, when you realize how much effort is involved in getting your food, you tend to have more of an appreciation for it. I think that is definitely a topic worth writing about in another blog entry.

One last thing before I go....

We have a new addition to our family. His name is Russell and other than his "need" to traumatize our chickens, he's perfect.


jean neely said...

How long will your art be up at the Unity center? I want to come and see it. Looks like you've been doing a lot of new and beautiful stuff since I saw it last.

Laura P said...

Hi Jean! It will be up through the end of October. I'm taking it down on the 31st.