Monday, February 28, 2011

Let's Talk Chickens

In late July 2010, we became back yard chicken owners. This is what the chickens looked like when we first got them. The mom (Velma) and her four babies. We optimistically named all the chicks girl names, except KC (the white one) because my son was being very practical about the possibility that one might not be a girl.

We've been getting quite a few eggs lately, so we suspect that we have at least 3 layers (including Velma) maybe even four. The problem is, being novices and all, we are having problems figuring out if 3 out of the 5 are male or female, boys or girls, roosters or hens. That isn't an easy thing for me to admit...I took biology in school and I feel like I should know these things. But chickens are different than the beings we studied in biology.

This is Caroline. For the longest time, we have been thinking she is a rooster - so we've also been calling her "Carlos". Now, we think she/he may be laying eggs.

This is KC. We thought KC was a rooster, then a hen, then a rooster, get the picture.

This is Hilda. I think we're pretty sure she's a hen. I tried posting photos on the chicken forum I belong to, so that we could get some expert advice. However, the website has been experiencing a lot of spam lately and since I'm a new member, I've been banned from posting photos or links. They have to check me out first to make sure I'm not a spammer. So, if you happen to be a chicken expert and would like to offer an opinion, I'd love to hear from you.

We do know for sure, someone is laying eggs. Beautiful, wonderful, amazing, tasty eggs! Every day it's like a treasure hunt and every day it's exciting to see how many eggs we have. We are truly blessed! I look forward to the day when we are getting enough eggs to share with friends.


Michelle said...

I love it.. I love chickens.. and I love those eggs.. great post and beautiful photos.. I have no clue about the sex of a chicken... have you tried sneaking in very early in the morning to see who is laying on a nest? That is how I knew which ones were hens and which ones were not when I was little.. used to get up really early with grandpa and go out to get the eggs.. the chickens would still be laying on them and the roaster up and walking around :)

Erin Fickert-Rowland said...

Holy Moly does your blog look gorgeous! WOW!!! I love the chickens! I've always wanted to have I'll live a bit vicariously through you!

Laura P said...

Thanks Michelle and Erin for stopping by. It's nice to meet others who are interested in chickens. They are actually pretty cool birds.