Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Current Big Distraction

This is a view of our land from where the barn is being built. The old barn beyond the hay bales belongs to our neighbor.

Last July, I wrote a post announcing that my husband and I are planning to start farming (you can read the post here). Since the decision to become farmers, our lives have been filled with workshops, classes, reading and talking about farming - pretty much non-stop. Our 8-year-old son, on more than one occasion has said "I think you two are taking this farming thing a little too far". Maybe we are, but he hasn't seen nuthin' yet!

Currently, we are trying to get a barn built. The barn is divided into 3 sections: a 900 square foot, 2 bedroom apartment, a middle section that will eventually serve as a place to host events and a big storage area that now houses our tractor. (Eventually the tractor will "live" outside under a covered area behind the barn).

The construction of the barn has been a slow process. We started planning sometime in the Winter, which turned out to be unusually cold and snowy, then Spring was unusually wet and now this summer seems to be unusually hot. All of these things seem to have some sort of effect on getting our barn finished. But it's ok and I want to share some photos with you.

Working on staking out plumbing and all that important stuff.

South side of the building. The window on the left is a bedroom, window on right is the living room.

Front of the building - all nice and "airy". It was really nice when the roof was put on and the walls weren't up yet. It was so nice to sit and feel the breeze blowing.

The front of the building a couple of days ago. The rocks piled on the front porch are going to be mortared onto the lower three feet of the front. Right off the front of the porch will be landscaped flower beds.

My husband has been working on insulating the inside, the past couple of days. Today I helped put up a few strips of insulation, but decided I needed to leave before I got too overheated (I'm a heat wimp). The heat index was supposed to be 107 degrees. I'm not sure what the actual number turned out to be, but it was hotter than H-E-double toothpicks! I've got a good man - I'm so thankful for him.

While I was stapling insulation, these suckers kept buzzing around. There are several of them in the windows of the barn. I used to think they were called "horse flies" because they liked to hang around horses. Now I know they are called "horse flies" because they are big enough to actually saddle up and ride off into the sunset!

Finally, I'm leaving you with this photo of the beautiful sunflowers I planted. I didn't want your last memory of this post to be of nasty ole horse flies! 

Thanks for stopping by and looking at the barn progress. I'll keep you updated.


Robin said...

OMG That sunflower is awesome..I was going to ask you about how the farm was going because I remembered that was what you had mentioned you would start soon..well you are really rolling with it..that is great..unbelievable...I think it is the perfect time for this..with the way things are I think we may all need a farm ..or at least a very big garden..!

rachel whetzel said...