Friday, July 8, 2011

The Return of the Absent One

Dang! Where does the time go?! I was perfectly aware that I had not posted anything for quite awhile, but TWO AND A HALF MONTHS! Gee whiz.

So now I've returned with an obnoxious vengeance - posting yesterday and working on 2 posts today, without any explanation of my whereabouts the past 10 weeks. But since you are a faithful blog reader, I'm sure you are used to such blogging behavior and perhaps you have even behaved this way yourself. Anyway, on with the post...

I have many things to tell you about but right now, I need to keep it short since I'm procrastinating cleaning the house. I still need to get the house done in about an hour, but I like living on the edge, so I'll cram this post in as quickly as I can (for the added adrenaline rush).

The past couple of nights I've been working on posting new items in my Etsy shop. I painted these wooden necklaces quite awhile ago, but just got around to posting them:

I hadn't planned on selling any jewelry, but these tiny pieces of wood were so fun to paint, I couldn't help but make them into something. If I do some more, I might think of some other purpose for them, like a tiny wall hanging or something.

Last night I worked on these:

I've been a little down/grumpy lately, so working on these have been very calming. I love to make tags and carve rubber stamps. I think I'll have to keep doing this - it's much cheaper than therapy!

I currently have 54 items for sale in my shop. I'm hopping to get up to 100 items in the next few weeks. I've read that more items helps increase shop traffic and I would love to have more traffic.

Ok, well, better go clean so my kids won't be embarrassed when their friends come over! :)


pam said...

Well! Absent One! Welcome back! I was wondering what happened to you!

Sorry to hear you have been feeling a bit down and grumpy lately. BUT - creating beautiful art with your heart and hands is the best medicine.

Good luck with achieving your goal at Etsy. You shop will be just full of eye candy! I love your art.

Laura Pugh said...

Thanks, Pam! Great to see you visiting my blog. :)

Catherine Denton said...

I love these! The colors are so cheery and the designs fun! Looking forward to browsing your shop. (Found you through Laura Bray's class)
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Laura Pugh said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, Catherine! And thank you for pushing me into the "70's" for the number of followers I have. :) I look forward to "seeing you" again.