Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another Two Weeks Gone By...

Well, I guess I'm on the two week schedule for writing in my blog. That is such a bummer, who want's to read a blog that hardly gets written in? It is very late and I'm about to fall asleep on the keyboard. I would hate to drool on the keyboard and electrocute myself. Not to mention that I would look pretty silly with computer key impressions embedded in my forehead.

Here is the Reader's Digest version of the past two weeks:

  • Had an artfair which was held on Saturday, May 9th. Met some nice people, sold a few things and had fun.
  • May 10th was Mother's Day. My hubby had taken the kids out of town for the night on the 9th, so I was able to have some quiet time. I ended up staying up too late, which is fairly easy for me to do. On Mom's Day, hubby and kids came home around dinner time, which was nice. They were very good to me.
  • My 46th birthday was on the 14th. It wasn't an easy birthday, but I survived. I got to watch my boy play t-ball then after wards I got to go home and eat chocolate cake with chocolate icing.
I thought I could finish this post, but I'm wrong. I'm very tired. I'm sorry this isn't a better post, I'll be better next time. For now...sleep well, I know I will!

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glassidentities said...

Happy Late Birthday :( I know how the blogging thing goes... not that there isnt a lot I would love to share.. but it seems I dont get the time I used to get to write it out. Life seems to be happening rather fast these days. Look forward to chatting with you again..*hugs*