Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bailey Pooh Dog

We had to have our dog put to sleep today. She was 10 years old and had renal failure. I'm not sure what caused it, I only know her decline was quick. It's so weird to lose animals, they are just so much a part of your family. Since the kids were born, we mainly kept her in the back room off the kitchen. But there are so many familiar sounds that I'll miss: the jingling of her dog tags, the clicking of her nails on the tile, her little woofing noises when she was dreaming (probably about chasing squirrels) and her snoring.

We got her near the Farmer's Market in 1997. My husband had lost his black lab, Isaac, about 6 months earlier. There was a lady in the market parking lot trying to get rid of these puppies (there were 13 in Bailey's litter) and we stopped to look at them. I was just there to admire the cute puppies, Dan was apparently there to fall in love! Bailey was soooo cute. She was little, light brown with dark brown and white swirls and floppy ears. She was a stinker too. Very happy and bouncy. Dan played with her for a little while, then decided to bring her home.

She loved to play ball and to swim. She would fetch a ball as many times as a person would throw it and she couldn't pass up a puddle without stomping through it (kind of like my 5 year old). When we took her on hikes, she would, without fail, find every waterhole, pond, river and puddle in the woods and wade through it, even in the winter! She became very protective of us when my son was a baby. Before that time, she loved every dog and human and cat she came in contact with. We were incredibly blessed to have spent the past 10 years with her.

She was so sweet today. We could tell she was so weak and miserable, yet she still wagged her tail when we petted her and spoke to her. She was a wonderful dog and we will miss her!

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